ODds 15 Jan - 03 Feb

“The electrons and their crazy moves. The behavior of mysterious electrons and outer space. The picture changes depending on the type of observer. Humanity and its relations are simple points, relative to each other as an inverse image of outer space. All the time, humanity sends hopes as messages to the Creator. We live in illusions or mere fantasies; where the appearance of anything could be anything else.”

In his second solo show at the Gallery, Yasser Nabaiel presents ODds, a series of eight oil on canvas paintings to depict psychological torment. Using his notorious drawing style based on the scientific Baconian-method, Nabaiel investigates the increasingly complex base of human knowledge and argues that our only hope lies in consistently starting fresh. As he creates layers of meanings to describe the human psychology influenced by the perception of the exterior world, Nabaiel tells the story of our confinement or imprisonment, in innumerable chains of probabilities and possibilities. He believes that life is composed of millions of dimensions. To an awakened mind, everyday life can never be dull or repetitious because infinity exists in all things, defying the odds of conventionality or submission. By freeing the mind and challenging the soul, one can overcome any obstacle and master himself.

Yasser Nabaiel was born in Kafr el Sheikh, Egypt, in 1970. He lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland and holds a BFA (1994) and an MFA (1999) in Oil Painting and Drawing with highest Honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan. His award-winning graduation project tackled soldiers’ breaks during wars, while his thesis revolved around Beliefs and Reality in Pharaonic and Soviet Paintings. He has participated in several Youth Salons and General Salons through the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, besides exhibiting in many European cities.

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