Yasser Nabaiel

Yasser Nabaiel was born in Kafr el Sheikh, Egypt, in 1970. He lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland and holds a BFA (1994) with highest Honors. His graduation project tackled soldiers’ breaks during wars. Nabaiel also holds an MFA (1999) in oil Painting and Drawing from the Fine Arts University in Cairo. His thesis revolved around Beliefs and Reality in Pharaonic and Soviet paintings. He has participated in several Youth Salons and General Salons through the Ministry of Culture in Egypt, besides exhibiting in many European cities. He received the highest Honors in oil painting for the 5 consecutive years at the faculty – one amongst a very few.

Yasser Nabaiel employs a Baconian-style in drawing and painting to depict psychological torment and to create layers of meanings to describe the state of Arabs today. For Nabaiel, we are confined, imprisoned and suffocating from innumerable chains and his repertoire evolves around the difficult state of the Middle East. He believes that we no longer exist but as bodies, as numbers or seals.