Birds of Passage 26 Oct - 26 Nov

Jamal Bassiouni (1993), in his first solo exhibition at ArtTalks, transports us on his journey of self-discovery where the artist wanders in a world where we keep migrating from one phase to another, following paths chasing dreams. A personal adventure depicted on misty backgrounds overflowing with women and animals, each carrying significant symbols of determination, endurance, valor, like the running horses, which exude powerful positive energy, stamina, intuition, rise and fall, thirst for freedom, travel, and adventure!
In most of his figurative paintings with Art Deco flair, the Divine Feminine energy can be seen or heard, and she can be felt. She is the feminine that exists in all living beings on earth, including the ocean, moon, and trees, and of course, they are an emblem of devotion and enduring love. 
We are all birds of passage! Every “bird “ painted is uniquely breathtaking and symbolizes certain aspects of our lives, nature, the unknown world, and certainly freedom due to their ability to soar into the skies, which were Bassiouni’s dream before he settled down to explore his artistic talent with conviction against the powerful forces of society and nature.| Each of his artworks represents the assets of a woman through symbolism. A woman is both Soft and Powerful.
Women are the Symbol of Life, the Maker of Unconditional Love, and they set the stage of each phase of life.

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