Ghada Amer

“I would have died if I didn’t make art. It is a kind of salvation for me.” Ghada Amer


“Stich by stitch, a daughter of Islam takes on taboos.” That’s how the New York Times described Ghada Amer in 2001.

Described as one of the top feminist artists globally, Amer continually challenges convention and turns traditions on their head. Using texts or images that speak of women’s sexuality, desire, and happiness, she subtly exposes the contradictions inherent in religious or feminist forms of extremism.

Ghada Amer was born in Cairo in 1963. She attended art school at the Villa Arson in Nice, France, where she graduated with an MFA in painting in 1989 and now lives in New York. Her work was the subject of a Brooklyn Museum survey show in 2008, titled Love Has No End. Amer’s work is represented in many American and international collections, including Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha, Qatar; Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; and Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.



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