SEMINAR & EXHIBITION History of Egyptian Modern Art

12 Nov, 2013

12 – 20 NOVEMBER 2013

From 6pm to 8.30pm


The seminar History of Egyptian Modern Art Part One is a two and a half hour introduction to the glorious history of Egyptian Modern Art. It examines the reasons behind the birth and rise of Egyptian modern art at the turn of the 20th century, with the founding of the Fine Arts School, all the way through to the Art & Freedom Group in the 1940’s.


Using the work of significant artists as reference points, the seminar is a voyage showcasing the influences by the nationalist search for an Egyptian identity, free from foreign occupation. The political driving forces, the social and cultural context as well as the major artistic movements are covered.


Kicking off the night of the seminar is a one-week exhibition showcasing works, on loan, of Egyptian pioneer artists from the first and second generations. The exhibition is an attempt to bring the museum in a private set-up and give the seminar’s attendants and art lovers a chance to view pioneers’ works while going through the historical context. All works have been loaned from generous Egyptian private collectors. ArtTalks would like to thank them for their trust and generosity.


Pre-registration is required.