Invitation | ArtCafe with Maged Mekhail

13 Dec, 2012

February 20, 2013 at 11am


Ahram Online Praises Maged Mekhail’s Solo Exhibition


Come and Join us for our ArtCafe in the Presence of the Artist Maged Mekhail.


Presenting over 50 works of sculptures and paintings, ArtTalks is proud to launch Mekhail’s first solo show in Egypt. A Mahmoud Mokhtar in the making, Mekhail trained during 4 years with Egypt’s pivotal artist, Adam Henein after graduating from the Fine Arts University in 2004. Combining Coptic, Greek and Pharaonic influences, Mekhail reminds us of our proud heritage in a contemporary set-up.


Born in 1982, Mekhail works and lives in Cairo