01 Jan, 2014

ArtTalks is pleased to announce the addition of Hady Boraey to its growing roster. His first solo exhibition at the gallery will take place in March, 2014. Born in Beheira in 1984, Hady el Boraey lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt. He received a BFA (2005), MFA (2011) and finally a PhD (2012) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Alexandria, with highest honors.  He participated in over forty group exhibitions in Egypt, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and the UAE. He received the medal of appreciation from the Bibliotheca Alexandria and various awards from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.

With a distinctive painting technique and a thrilling imagination, Hady Boraey creates a poetic and dramatic world of fantasy of what could lie beyond all sorts of borders – of the earth, of one’s country or one’s imagination. He takes us on an imaginary journey and uses the unknown as a metaphor to highlight the fascination and hope of many young Egyptians to cross the borders of their own country to go settle somewhere ‘where the grass looks greener’.