Towards The [Un]Known 10 May - 29 May

The Unknown – a word, a notion, a mental picture that has captured the human thought for centuries.

And yet, as a new era dawns on us, the Unknown becomes overwhelmingly meaningful / profound / and wanting. It takes over. It exhilarates. And yet it also disturbs.

We cannot approach the new Unknown unless we have fully absorbed the past and understood what could have possibly gone wrong – again.

Thus far, there is silence. An uneasy / restless silence because the very recent past stands there, unkind and teasing. Where once there was a dream, all that is left is the Unknown.

Hady Boraey lives in that vertigo. Unafraid of the blank page, he stands steadfast against a facile happiness. His imaginary journey of what could lie beyond persists and wins. Boraey seems to want to conquer the world and destroy that void, by testing the limits of the mind. Torn between the Wilderness and the Shadow, you find him Waiting at the Gate or the Border, under the Grey Cloud or a Summer Rain. The Silence of the City awakens the Migrant. As he carries the weight of the Unknown, he madly wanders. And far away from home, he navigated. He has a story to tell. Once upon a time, he got lost and got back.

ArtTalks is proud to present Alexandria-based visual artist Hady Boraey (1984) in his second solo exhibition at the gallery. After his highly acclaimed first solo exhibition, Beyond Borders in 2014, Boraey went on to complete his PhD. He received a BFA (2005) and MFA (2011) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Alexandria, with highest honors. He participated in over forty group exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. He received the medal of appreciation from the Bibliotheca Alexandria and various awards from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.

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