Oath to Eternity by Ali Said 30 Nov - 15 Jan

What do a nun, a lion, a lotus flower, and Kalila have in common? What about Gilgamesh, Isis, heaven, and tigers and bulls flying in space? Probably not much. All so bizarre, and yet, so captivating. Ali Said’s Oath to Eternity is this and much more. A fantasy world where legends, epic tales, heroes, nature, and a wild array of animals come to life. Ali Said is fascinated by man’s quest for eternity, to live forever, to be immortal. As he looks for answers, he takes us on a journey into the history of humanity, and along the way, creates a new reality made up of puzzling, wild, and illogical worlds. He mixes fantasy and reality, narratives and timelines, superimposes centuries, and explores meanings and references to tales that stand the test of time. As he searches for the secret of eternal life, he disorients us. From those days, those far-off days to today, Ali Said shows us that nothing seems to have changed and that the essence of humanity is but one. Eternal.

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