Maged Mekhail Egyptian, I am 13 Feb - 01 Mar

As part of our mission to act as a search engine for Egypt’s next generation of Contemporary Artists, ArtTalks | Egypt is proud to present the first solo show for emerging artist Maged Mekhail.


Born in 1982, Maged Mekhail graduated from the Helwan Fine Arts faculty in 2004, after which he trained during 4 years under the tutelage of Egyptian pivotal artist, Adam Henein. Armed with outstanding craftsmanship and intensive training, Mekhail carved a distinctive and independent direction for himself, culminating in winning the 2011 Sculpture Award from the Ministry of Culture’s Youth Salon.


Mekhail continues the legacy of prominent Egyptian sculptors such as Mahmoud Mokhtar, Adam Henein and Sobhy Guirguis to mix pharaonic and Coptic influence with contemporary sculpting. To this however, he adds sensuality and modernity. His forms are usually semi-abstractions of the human figure Рsuggestive celebration of the sensual female body or icons of our proud Egyptian Coptic or Muslim heritage. As we struggle about our Egyptian identity, Maged Mekhail gently reminds us of what we stand for Рa diverse, rich and tolerant people that shaped the past and is able to embrace the future.

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