The Golden Fly by Weaam El Masry

Weaam El-Masry (born 1976) has won over 17 awards from different institutions in Egypt such as the Youth Salons of the Ministry of Culture, Rateb Sedik Award and Port Said Biennale in Painting, Photography and Video Installations. An achievement difficult to compete with for her young age. With over 40 exhibitions under her belt and a PhD in Fine Arts, El-Masry is carving a distinctive place for herself in the Egyptian contemporary arts scene. Botero-esque, with a hint of Egon Schiele and Lucian Freud, mixed with a touch of Francis Bacon, El-Masry goes down universal paths examining women and their constant struggles with their body or that utter, almost suffocating bond that motherhood offers. Fearless, risque by all measures, El-Masry’s works are a voyage to the inner self. Collections: The Egyptian Ministry of Culture; Biblioteca Alexandrina; The Museum of Egyptian Modern Art and private collections in Egypt and Germany.