Lust In Wonderland by Riham ElSadany

“It is impossible,” muttered Alice. “Only if you believe it is” replied the Mad Hatter. A dialogue between Alice, the seven-year old key protagonist and one of the fantasy characters in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the nineteenth century fairy tale by British author Lewis Caroll. The Mad Hatter could be multi-media Egyptian artist Riham ElSadany who has faith that nothing is impossible for women, even in rigid patriarchal societies. In her upcoming solo exhibition ‘Lust in Wonderland’ at ArtTalks Gallery in Cairo, ElSadany offers mental maps of imaginary territory, using non-sensical visuals to defy conventions and logical reasoning and reach a new kind of living sense. In her second solo exhibition at the gallery, imagination and fantasy rule in a fabricated world made for and by women. In this Wonderland, the artist explores the audacious belief that women could be free and hence daydreams of what these women would experience and how they would fantasize their lives.