Beyond Borders by Hady Boraey

In “Beyond Borders”, Boraey takes us on an imaginary journey of what could lie beyond the borders of the earth, of one’s home and of one’s mind. With a distinctive painting technique and a thrilling imagination, Boraey has created a poetic and dramatic world of fantasy depicting the illusion of a better life, by simply crossing the borders – physically or psychologically. He uses the temptation of the unknown as a metaphor to highlight the fascination and hope of many young Egyptians to cross the borders of their own country to go settle somewhere ‘where the grass looks greener’. Ultimately, the unknown doesn’t necessarily mean far away lands, but is rather a symbol of the relentless pursuit of happiness and the persistence of our youth to belong and dream of a better life. Born in Beheira in 1984, Hady Boraey lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt. He received a BFA (2005), MFA (2011) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria, with highest honors.