Beneath The Sun, Above The Sand by El Dewihi

Sketching out the reality surrounding him in his hometown of Aswan, El Dewihi, born in 1978, diligently transforms his world into timeless creatures, mirroring ancient Egyptian sculptures and defying today’s struggles and tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Whereas ancient Egyptian sculptors focused on glorifying their ‘masters’ turning them into Gods ready for the after-life, El Dewihi celebrates and holds in respect his ordinary country fellow men and women.

While his creatures are no deities, they record and immortalize Egyptians’ utter sense of calm assurance and convey an impression of severe elegance – features that Egyptians have never lost despite the calamities they have been facing over the past decades.

The weighty circumstances seem to have not had their toll on the world narrated by El Dewihi. His creatures are grand, almost too confident. Their gaze is intense with unclouded expressions and their posture domineering.