03 May, 2013

Egypt now has its own Donkey Parade, thanks to the Caravan Festival promoting interfaith – Peace & Compassion. 90 Donkeys will be displayed across Cairo!


Al-Azhar representative Sheikh Mohamed El-Hawwary at the opening night on May 9th, 2013: “Islam is not against art. Art is a form of beauty…although we always prefer moral principles over aesthetics…To art that unites people, we say ‘welcome’.”


45 Egyptian and foreign artists, among them some of Egypt’s most prominent contemporary artists are participating in this year’s Caravan Arts Festival, now in its fifth edition. Seeking to promote interfaith dialogue and challenge sectarian strife, the festival borrows the idea of the Animal Parade that is exhibited across a city in public and commercial spaces. Zurich, Dubai, Istanbul, and Los Angeles have previously witnessed camels, elephants, and cows Parade. Cairo will witness the Donkey Parade. Each of the 45 selected artists, hailing from countries across the globe – including Poland, Switzerland, the UK, Jordan, France and Norway – were given two fiberglass donkeys, a life-sized and a mini version, and were asked to paint them in their own style, while reflecting this year’s theme: ‘In Peace and With Compassion…The Way Forward.’ The donkey was chosen as it symbolizes peace in both Christianity and Islam. For two weeks, the donkeys, which are for sale, with twenty percent of their proceeds being donated to local charities, will travel across Cairo.

ArtTalks is proud to exhibit 3 of the life-size donkeys for rising contemporary visual artists Marwa Adel, Ahmed Kassim and Alaa Awad.

25 selected pieces of artwork will travel to exhibitions in London and Geneva, before being auctioned off in Europe, also to support Egyptian charities.


Donkeys will be exhibited in the following locations from 12 to 25 May:

Hotels: Four Seasons Hotel (First Residence and Nile Plaza), Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo Marriott Hotel, Sofitel El Gezirah.

Galleries: Picasso Art Gallery, Mashrabia Gallery, Gallery Misr, Zamalek Art Gallery, ArtTalks Gallery.

Other: The British Council, Community Services Association (Maadi), St. John’s Church, Cairo American College, American University in Cairo.