Moataz Nasr

This Group Exhibition aims at encouraging novice collectors to go beyond appreciating art by starting to gradually build an art collection. The Exhibition offers works from Egyptian Modern Pioneer Artists, and Established and Emerging Artists. The works presented have been rigidly and carefully selected, providing quality with affordability.

Long Live Free Art! is a long overdue Homage to the 1930’s Egyptian Art and Liberty Group (Art et Liberté) who fought unequivocally for freedom. Nine Egyptian Contemporary Artists showcase works that carry the torch of their freedom fighting predecessors.

Creating works that allow the viewer a great freedom to explore, imagine and translate peacefully and independently, Nasr borrows and is deeply inspired by Egypt and Sufism. It is Nasr’s affinity with Sufism that is constant across his chosen path, dictating his concepts, his choices and his final creations. Sufism, defined by scholars as the inner, mystical dimension of Islam, has always fascinated Nasr. The spiritual and the worldly come into play at times forcefully, at others subtly, in his works, to help us search for the Alchemy of Happiness – alluding to one of the treatises of influential Persian Islamic thinker, Imam Al Ghazali.