Guirguis Lotfy

Born in 1955, Guirguis Lotfy works and lives in Alexandria. He holds a BFA (1980), an MFA (1986), and a Ph.D. (1991) with a thesis focused on “Coptic Art and Its Effect on Modern Art”. . Hamed Owais (1919-2011) and Hamed Nada (1924-1990), two of Egypt’s pivotal modern pioneer artists, were closely involved at different stages in the supervision of Lotfy’s masters and doctorate degrees respectively. Guirguis Lotfy befriended them until their deaths.

Guirguis Lotfy produces stunning depictions of contemporary Egyptian life using long-forgotten elaborate and rich painting techniques. He resuscitates ancient painting techniques used from the first to the fourth century, such as egg tempera, and ensures the transmission of this unique art to future generations. Lotfy masters this elaborate method to depict a two-dimensional set of ‘local’ characters and iconography within an extremely dense canvas, accurately transmitting the congested Egyptian experience of today.

The authenticity found in his revived technique and contemporary subject matters is a testament to his passion and pride about his country’s past and present. The apparent naivety of his art reflects sincerity, insight, and a deep reverence for the diversity of the Egyptian culture. Lotfy truly brings the past into today to provide answers for tomorrow.

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