Ghada Amer

Egyptian-born, New-York based Ghada Amer is offering a series of rare, limited edition, original hand-painted prints currently available for sale at ArtTalks | Egypt.

Continually challenging convention and turning traditions on their head, Ghada Amer celebrates female pleasure and seeks to unravel the incomprehensibility of love, playing with Fairy Tale legends such as Sleeping Beauty or Superman or Cowboys.

Born in Egypt, educated in France and living in New York City, Ghada Amer’s international artistic trajectory is inspiring, fascinating and bold. Her extraordinary portfolio of work, that continually challenges convention and turns traditions on their head, placed Amer as one of the top female artists in the world.Painter, sculptor, garden designer, performer, installation artist, Ghada Amer’s body of work spans all media – although her abstract expressionist works, embroidered with erotic motifs constitute her most famous signature.