aly sirry

A full-time Egyptian diplomat, aly sirry is a self-taught artist. Multi-lingual with a lifetime interest in art, he has had no formal or academic art training. Only during the last seven years has his artistic output become more intensive and focused. Over the years, he has explored various crafts and has produced works using diverse materials such as paper, clay, wood, and metal. Currently, he is working mostly with ink on paper. sirry never entertained the possibility of exhibiting his work. He regards it as a very personal meditative undertaking.

artist’s statement
we are an ancient and provocative land, humbled into a residue of what was. a mangled mass, gagged and consumed by self-inflicted wounds.
we are a stock image censored of all contrasts, subtleties and gradations. a faded, monochrome reflection.
we are an expectant, calm chaos.
the works presented in this exhibition seek to engage the viewer by diverting her/his attention away from the dissonant and invasive ambient noise towards a zone of tranquil reflection. a zone where light and dark, tension and calm, order and chaos, are stilled. and breathing resumes.

كلمة الفنان
نحن أرض عتيقة ومثيرة تحولت إلى بقايا لما كان. كتلة مشوهة، مكممة، استهلكتها جروح ذاتية الصنع.
نحن صورة جُردت من تبايناتها وتدرجاتها. انعكاس باهت، احادي اللون.
نحن فوضى هادئة، مترقبة.
تسعى الأعمال التي يتضمنها هذا المعرض إلى تحويل انتباه الزائرين من حالة النشاز المحيطة إلى مساحة للتأمل الساكن. مساحة يُخمد فيها الضوء والظلام، التوتر والهدوء، النظام والفوضى. ويستأنف التنفس.
على سري