Alaa Awad

“Understanding our past is nothing but an understanding of ourselves.” Alaa Awad


Born in Luxor in 1984, Alaa Awad lives and works between Cairo and Luxor. He graduated from the Luxor Faculty of Fine Arts in 2004 and currently teaches in its mural painting department.

Alaa Awad connects his country’s past to its present by integrating traditional ancient Egyptian art and themes into his work.

“I have always been impressed with Pharaonic art. All my murals are inspired by ancient Egyptian art, albeit with a modified and more contemporaneous feel.”

In 2011, Alaa Awad took a break from teaching and came to Tahrir Square to participate in the “25 January” Revolution. Soon, he started painting murals across the Square – neo-pharaonic, bold, vibrant, defiant murals that aimed at shaking the grounds and reminding protesters of their heritage and glorious past.

“I came to support the revolution,” the artist says. “I have no other tool….art is my only weapon.”

Awad’s art is not just aimed at refuting the arguments of the extremists who wish to repress all forms of artistic expression. Rather it is a proud attempt to call attention to Egypt’s true identity.